Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Top 5 Punk Rock Bands

Today, I thought I would just put up a list of the bands that I think fit into the Top 5 Punk Bands of All Time. Also, in parentheses, I will post an album of theirs I think would be beneficial for those of you who might have never heard of the band them, or just haven’t gotten around to ever listening to them. I don’t have them listed in any particular order, just whomever I thought of first.

(Loud Fast Ramones)
To me, the Ramones were essentially the first punk band ever. Loud Fast Ramones is a Best of type CD that was released in 2002. Definitely contains all of the essentials.

Quite possibly the first pop punk band to come out of California, these guys have been around since 1978. Somery is a best of type CD that has practically every song that defines this band. Another good CD to check out of theirs is Everything Sucks, which was released around 1996.

Black Flag
(First Four Years)
Another founding father type band of punk rock, they were more along the lines of a hardcore punk rock band. They really defined what punk rock ended up coming to be known as, loud, fast, angry music. The First Four Years album is a compilation of all the songs that were recorded before Henry Rollins joined as their singer.

(Greatest Hits)
Ok, so All is actually just the Descendents with a different singer. See, Milo, the singer from the Descendents is a PhD in microbiology so he doesn’t spend a whole lot of time as a vocalist. So, instead of just kicking him out of the Descendents, the other guys created a new band with a different singer. The music is, for the most part, the same, however, All tends to add a little bit of a jazzy sound to their music.

Bad Religion
Although I strongly disagree with the religious views of this band, they are still by far one of my favorite punk bands musically. I couldn’t really determine one album of theirs that really says it all for me so, instead of just listing one, the following albums are the ones that I would recommend to someone trying them out for the first time:No Control, Stranger Than Fiction and Tested, the later of which is sort of a greatest hits album.

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