Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Auto Pilot

I’ve been noticing this really strange thing I do when I’m either driving to work or back home from work. I get to this point on the freeway where I realize that I have been sort of zoned out for what could be a good ten minutes. It’s almost like my car activates it’s own personal autopilot for me. I guess it’s not too terribly strange, maybe it happens to everyone. I mean I take the same route day after day, rarely deviating from my original destinations. It’s almost like the car knows where it’s going so it doesn’t need me. This all occurred to me this morning when I was on the 405 and suddenly realized that I don’t remember ever having gotten on the 405. I remember being on I-5 and seeing the exit sign that comes before the exit sign that takes me to the 405, but I never remember actually taking the exit onto the 405. Then it dawned on me that this happens quite a lot in the morning. And than it dawned on me that this happens when I’m driving home too, and in the afternoon it’s always me not remember getting on I-5 from the 405 exit. Very strange, it’s almost like that small area where the 405 and 5 meet are some kind of random vehicular Bermuda triangle or something, that just sucks you up and takes you where you need to be! I dunno, it could just be that I’m going nuts too.

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  1. yeah, this happens to me all the time. i have no logical explanation.