Monday, June 06, 2005

Look up in the sky.....!

I was reading some stuff over the weekend about the upcoming Batman movie and stumbled across something else that looked interesting. Apparently, sometime next year, a new Superman movie will be released. It looks like for the most part it has been cast and the script is done.

What it looks like is that it's going to take place after the events that took place in Superman 2 and act like 3 and 4 didn't happen. Personally, pretending that 3 and 4 didn't ever take place is a really good idea because those 2 were awful.

The storyline from what I've been reading goes somewhat like the people of Metropolis are angry with Superman because of the destruction of their city caused by him and the 3 villains. It gets so bad that he leaves and does not come back for another 6 years, and only returns because the city is really in trouble.

To me, this sounds more like the plot line of a comic book than a movie, which, personally, I consider a good thing. It's about time a comic book movie had a decent comic book story line.

Anyway, from what it looks like they're using mostly unknowns in the movie as fas as the cast goes, but it looks like Bryan Singer will be directing it. Another good move, he did a really good job on the X-Men series so he could really do some wonders with Superman.

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