Monday, June 06, 2005

To 5 Seattle Bands

My last posting was the Top 5 Chicago Artists, I thought why not do a similar list for the area that I current live in. This was a pretty hard list to come up with because there are so many good bands from the Seattle area. But here’s what I came up with:

Formed 1998, the members of Acceptance came mostly from a punk rock background. A crossbreed of alternative, pop & rock, their first EP, Lost for Words, was released in 2000 and they recently released their major label debut for Sony titled Phantoms.

Formed in 1984 and disbanded in April, 1997, Soundgarden released 5 albums in that time span, the highlight of those albums being Superunknown.

Formed 1981 and originally called The Mob. They created a form of artistic, progressive metal in the vein of Pink Floyd and Queen. They released a handful of mediocre albums until 1988’s Operation Mindcrime really broke them into the mainstream. The follow-up Empire was their biggest commercial success however.

Actually, I’m only a moderate fan of this band but it’s really hard to blow off their impact on the music world. When they came along, the grunge movement essentially blew up in the industry’s face and turned it upside down. Before Nirvana, the industry was dominated by heavy metal butt cheese, by bands like Skid Row and Slaughter, after Nirvana, these bands either disbanded due to lack of audience interest, or went from selling out arenas to barely filling up seedy nightclubs. My favorite album of theirs had always been Bleach, which was released by Seattle record label Sub Pop in 1989. However, In Utero wasn’t a bad album either. Even though Nevermind was their most popular album and the one that really broke them into the industry, I never cared for it much.

Even though this band is based out of San Francisco, they got their start in the Seattle area and actually just recently moved to the Bay area. They weren’t really all that popular until Kurt Cobain of Nirvana listed them as an influence in several interviews. Nonetheless, this band has been out longer than most of the "grunge" bands from Chicago with little deviance in their music approach since formed in 1985. A mix of influences surround this band, influences such as Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Kiss, Motorhead and Ted Nugent. They have released 21 albums in their 20 year career, the latest being 2004s Pigs of the Roman Empire which was released by the indy label Ipecac (owned, by the way, by Mike Patton of Faith No More fame). My favorite recording of the Melvins is actually their 3-disc trilogy released in 1999 and 2000 called The Maggot, The Bootlicker and The Crybaby.

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