Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another Album Update

This weekends session for the new Otisburg EP went very well. Steve came in to the home studio to do both his guitar parts and his vocals all on Saturday. I was a bit apprehensive about our odds of getting everything finished that quickly, but of course things went just fine.

First of all, Steve came in and for the most part just nailed his parts dead on. Second, we were much better prepared for this than ever before from an engineering standpoint. I knew exactly how I wanted to mic everything and except for the time spent dialing in guitar tones, it was pretty much just a matter of setting levels and hitting record.

Thankfully the efficiency level we were working at was a Godsend because about halfway through the session there was a car crash out in front of the home studio and we rushed outside to help. Nobody was hurt but my parked truck was run into as part of it, unfortunately. It suffered some pretty minor damage and it sounds like their insurance is going to cover it so no harm no foul. The only issue is we lost about an hour and a half getting everything sorted out and waiting for the police to come take a report and so on. But then we just went in and kept trucking and finished the vocals up around 6pm. So all in all it was about a 6 hour session.

The situation with the recording now is that all the raw vocal, bass, guitar, and drum tracks are finished. There may be some drum overdubs well want to do listening back. In addition, a lot of background vocals need to be added. Brant and I intend to get together tonight for a production section and talk about what we want to do. On top of everything else, I am getting really excited to add some organ on one of the tracks. The song has a very early-Weezerish vibe and I think we can polish it off nicely with a little organ.

-- Scott

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