Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Black Flag/Greg Ginn: DOTM

In this installment of discography of the moment, I will be listing not only the albums of the hardcore punk band Black Flag, but also the discorgraphy of Greg Ginn's other projects, post-Black Flag. You might ask why I am not also including the catalogue of Henry Rollin's other projects and the reason is that Ginn was the one that formed Black Flag, wrote all of the music and in my opinion was the backbone for the entire Black Flag career. I have also listed next to each album the band lineup (exclusing Ginn himself). Here we go:


Studio albums:
Damaged (1981) (Henry Rollins-vocals; Dez Cadena-rhythm guitar; Chuck Dukowski-bass; Robo-drums)
My War (1984) (Henry Rollins-vocals; Dale Nixon-bass; Bill Stevenson-drums)
Family Man (1984) (Henry Rollins-vocals; Kira Roessler-bass; Bill Stevenon-drums)
Slip It In (1984) (same lineup as Family Man)
Loose Nut (1985) (same lineup as Slip It In)
In My Head (1985) (same lineup as Loose Nut)

Studio E.P.s:
Nervous Breakdown (1978) (Keith Morris-vocals; Chuck Dukowski-bass; Brian Migdol-drums) Jealous Again (1980) (Chavo Pederast-vocals; Chuck Dukowski-bass; Robo-drums)
Six Pack (1981) (Dez Cadena-vocals; Chuck Dukowski-bass; Robo-drums)
TV Party (1982) (Henry Rollins-vocals; Dez Cadenia-rhythm guitar; Chuck Dukowski-bass; Emil Johnson-drums)
The Process of Weeding Out (1985) (instrumental w/ Kira Roessler on bass and Bill Stevenson on drums)
Minuteflag (1986) (collaboration with the Minutement - D. Boon-vocals & guitar; Henry Rollins-vocals; George Hurley-bongos; Kira Roessler-bass; Mike Watt-bass; Bill Stevenson-drums)
I Can See You (1989) (Henry Rollins-vocals; Kira Roessler-bass; Bill Stevenson-drums)

Live albums:
Live '84 (1984) (Henry Rollins-vocals; Kira Roessler-bass; Bill Stevenson-drums)
Who's Got the 10 1/2? (1986) (Henry Rollins-vocals; Kira Roessler-bass; Anthony Martinez-drums)
Annihilate This Week (1987) (Henry Rollins-vocals; Kira Roessler-bass; C'el Revuelta-bass; Anthony Martinez-drums)

Everything Went Black (1982)
The First Four Years (1983)
Wasted...Again (1987)

GONE (Greg Ginn post-Black Flag project):

Studio Albums:
Let's Get Real, Real Gone for a Change (1986) (Andrew Weiss-bass; Sim Cain-drums)
Gone II But Not Too Gone (1986) (same lineup as Let's Get Real......)


Studio Albums:
Getting Even (1993) (David Raven-drums)
Payday (1993)
Dick (1995)
Let it Burn (1997)

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