Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sounding Off On The Issues: The "War" on Drugs

Today’s installment of “Sounding Off” will deal with something that we have all heard about, usually from politicians trying to sound like they are tough on crime. Well, these are my thoughts about our so-called war on drugs.

Personally, I think everyone should be allowed to use drugs, either for medical or leisurely purposes as long as they are held responsible for the consequences of their actions. That is, they should be held accountable for any harm done to someone else.

Drug use is a bad thing. I’m not saying they are okay. Having done more than my fair share of them, I know what they can lead to. However, I do not think their effects are any worse than say…alcohol. In fact, is some ways I think alcohol is a worse danger to society than drugs.

Government prohibition is a terrible approach to limiting the misuse and abuse of narcotics (we saw the effects of prohibition in the early 20th century), whereas education and assistance groups (be it AA or NA or whatever) are much better routes to take. In addition, how much of our tax money is going to fight the war on drugs? I haven’t looked up any charts or anything but I am willing to go out on a limb and guess that it is in the billions of dollars each year.

In my opinion, I think the government should decriminalize drugs across the board and stop prosecuting non-violent drug offenders. Furthermore, we should be pardoning all those that are already rotting away and taking up much needed space in our prisons for violent criminals. If someone wants to sell someone else drugs, that is his or her right.

And that is what I think. Any thoughts?


  1. A couple questions come to mind... if you support one's freedom to smoke pot and crack, then surely you defend one's right to have a cigar or cigarette... and also one's right to eat trans-fats even though it might not be "good for them"....yes?

    Or are you suggesting we should make drug use legal so we can tax it out of existence? (like tobacco and soon -trans fats)

    If we do go to a universal healthcare, (like England) get ready for your healthcare to get cut if you smoke, eat transfats or ??? which is yet another reason to NOT support government provided healthcare.

  2. Actually Red, I do support the right of someone to smoke a cigar or eat trans-fat. I don't think the government should be involved with regulated that either. The drugs, the alcohol, the cigarettes, the trans-fat, they all go along the same lines of if someone wants to ruin their body that is there decision, but the government should not be TELLING people they HAVE to be healthy. That takes away our God-given free will.

    Yeah, I don't support government provided healthcare anymore, I've come up with a new solution. I posted it out on this blog and the Concerned Citizens blog yesterday. You should check it out.

  3. i saw it and tried,.. thought i commented, but it didn't show up...
    I like your plan (which is what we used to have in the first place) for the most part and the only thing i didn't see in it was torte(sp?) reform for frivolous law suits which have driven the "cost of doing business" for doctors, hospitals and suppliers sky high...something has got to be done there.

  4. Well, my theory is that with the de-reguation of the health care industry, it would be somewhat natural for the amount of malpractice suits to decrease. But that is just a theory.