Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dead Milkmen: DOTM

Okay, I couldn't help it, I just had to do another one today.

This discography is that of the satirical punk band from Philly, PA that formed in 1983 and sadly broke up in the mid-1990s. I had heard that they reuinted for a couple of shows back in 2004 but no rumors yet of a reunion.

This time around I am going to list their releases and after that make a list of the songs I think should go on a Best of Album if it were ever released.

Funky Farm (1983)
Death Rides a Pale Horse (1984)
The Dead Milkmen Take the Airwaves (1984)
Someone Shot Sunshine (1984)
Big Lizard in my Backyard (1985)
Eat Your Paisley (1986)
Bucky Fellini (1987)
Instant Club Hit (1987)
Beelzebubba (1988)
Smoking Banana Peels (1988)
Metaphysical Graffiti (1990)
Soul Rotation (1992)
If I Had a Gun (1992)
Now We Are Ten (1992)
Not Richard But Dick (1993)
Chaos Rules (1994) - Live at the Trocadero
Stoney's Extra Stout (1995)
Death Rides a Pale Cow (1997) - A Greatest Hits album
Cream of the Crop (1998) - The Best of the Dead Milkmen

My Greatest Hits Album:
Taking Retards to the Zoo
Bitchin' Camaro
Right Wing Pigeons
Tiny Town
Big Lizard
I Walk the Thinnest Line
Punk Rock Girl
The Thing that Only Eats Hippies

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