Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bad Religion: DOTM

Here you go music fans, the next installment of Discography of the Moment. In parentheses I have included some of my favorite songs on the albums) Enjoy!

How Could Hell Be Any Worse? ("Fuck Armageddon, This is Hell")
Into the Unknown Suffer ("Give You Nothing" "Do What You Want")
No Control ("Change of Ideas" "No Control" "I Want to Conquer the World" "Something More") Against the Grain ("Operation Rescue")
Generator ("No Direction" "The Answer" "Only Entertainment")
Recipe for Hate ("American Jesus" "All Good Soldiers" "Struck a Nerve")
Stranger Than Fiction ("Marked" "Inner Logic" "Infected")
The Gray Race ("Punk Rock Song" "Drunk Sincerity")
No Substance
The New America ("I Love My Computer")
The Process of Belief ("Sorrow")
The Empire Strikes First ("Sinister Rouge")

Bad Religion
Back to the Known ("Along the Way")

Live and compilation:
All Ages
Punk Rock Songs

Along the Way
Live at the Palladium

I also decided to include in this discography the two solo albums of Greg Graffin. I have only heard the first one but based on that work I can only imagine that the second will be pretty good too. Here they are:

American Lesion (Released in 1997 on Atlantic Records) All of the songs on this album were composed and performed by Greg himself.
Cold as the Clay (Released in 2006 on ANTI Records)

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