Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Smoking Popes/Duvall: DOTM

I might have mentioned this (these) band(s) from time to time. Essentially, to me, they are the same band. Josh Caterer, the singer/frontman/guitarist for the Smoking Popes dis-banded the Popes after his converstion to Christianity and started up the band Duvall. The music is exactly the same (although not the lyrical content) and only one of the members of the Popes initially excluded themselves from Duvall. So here it their combined Discography:

Smoking Popes Albums:
Get Fired (1993)
Born to Quit (1994)
Destination Failure (1997)
The Party's Over (2003)

Smoking Popes EPs:
Inoculator (1991)
Break Up (1992)
2 (1993)

Smoking Popes Compilations/Live Albums:
1991-1998 (1999)
Live (2000)
At Metro (2006)

Duvall Albums:
Volume & Density (2003)
Oh Holy Night (2004)

Duvall EPs:
Standing at the Door (2001)
Racine (2003)

Otter's Picks:
Let's Hear it For Love
Not That Kind of Girlfriend
Let Them Die
Midnight Moon
Need You Around
No More Smiles
Before I'm Gone
Pure Imagination
Pretty Pathetic
All In Your Hnds
I'll Be Around
Standing at the Door
Jesus Never Leaves Me
Angels We Have Heard on High

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