Friday, February 23, 2007

The Three Best Bands in the World....Period

These are the 3 bands that I consider to be bar none the best bands in the world regardless of genre. Not just the best punk band or the best metal band or the best rock band. No, this is a list of the 3 best bands period. You may or may not agree with me, in fact, you probably will not agree with me, but this is my opinion and if you don't like it make your own darn list! And this list will be done in descending order of preference.

3. U2
Formed in Dublin, Ireland in 1976 they have sold 170+ million albums, have won 22 Grammy Awards and have consistently charted in the Top 10 of the UK and US charts, 7 of their albums having charted #1 in the US charts. This band has remained with the same lineup since its inception.

2. Descendents/ALL
Formed in 1978 in a suburb of Los Angeles, CA, this band has the interesting distinction of being the only American band on this list. Their influence on the Southern California punk rock movement can not be dismissed and the band remains strong to this day, recording and/or performing under either name (Milo on vocals with the Descendents or Chad Price on vocals with ALL).

And the #1 Band in the World.....period.......... THE BEATLES No one can deny the impact that this band, formed in Liverpool England in 1957, has had on the music world in general. They are un-arguable among the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful bands ever having released over 40 #1 singles, albums and EPs. It has been estimated that in 1985, they had sold over 1 billion albums worldwide and have been certified as the highest selling band of all time. Of course, I am sure that this is information that you guys already know.

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