Saturday, April 21, 2007

Helmet: DOTM

Strap It On
Released 1990 by Amphetamine Reptile.
Produced by Helmet.
Recorded in 1990.
Band Lineup:
Page Hamilton (guitar, vocals); Henry Bogdan (bass); Peter Mengede (guitar); John Stanier (drums)
Tracks: 9 (all written by Page Hamilton)
"Repitition" "Rude" "Bad Mood" "Sinatra" "FBLA" "Blacktop" "Distracted" "Make Room" "Murder"

Released in June 1992 by Interscope Records.
Produced by Helmet and Steve Albini.
Recorded from December 1991 to February 1992 in New York City.
Band lineup same as previous release.
Tracks: 10 (all written by Page Hamilton)
"In the Meantime" "Ironhead" "Give It" "Unsung" "Turned" "He Feels Bad" "Better" "You Borrowed" "FBLA II" "Role Model"

Released in June 1994 by Interscope Records.
Produced by T-Ray and Helmet.
Recorded in 1994.
Band Lineup Change: Peter Mengede replaced by Rob Echeverria.
Tracks: 14 (all written by Hamilton except where noted)
"Wilma's Rainbow" "I Know" "Biscuits for Smut" "Milquetoast" "Tic" "Rollo(written by Bogdan/Hamilton)" "Street Crab" "Clean" "Vaccination" "Beautiful Love (written by Dizzy Gillespie)" "Speechless" "The Silver Hawaiian (written by Bogdan/Hamilton)" "Overrated" "Sam Hell"

Born Annoying
Released in 1995 by Amphetamine Reptile.
Recorded from 1989 to 1993 (compilation of early singels, B-sides, comp tracks and other rarities spanning from the band's inception until they were signed to Interscope in 1992 and including two new tracks recorded in 1993 specifically for Amphetamine Reptile).
Band Lineup:
Page Hamilton (guitar, vocals); Peter Mengede (guitar); Henry Bogdan (bass); John Stanier (drums)
Tracks: 10
"Born Annoying" "Rumble" "Shirley Maclaine" "Geisha to Go" "Taken" "Oven" "Your Head" "No Nicky No" "Primitive" "Born Annoying"

Released in March 1997 by Interscope.
Produced by Dave Sardy and Helmet.
Recorded from July to November 1996.
Band Lineup Change: Rob Echeverria quits.
Tracks: 13 (all written by Hamilton except where noted)
"Pure" "Renovation (written by Bogdan/Hamilton)" "Exactly What You Wanted" "Like I Care" "Driving Nowhere" "Birth Defect" "Broadcast Emotion" "It's Easy to Get Bored" "Diet Aftertaste" "Harmless" "High Visibility" "Insatiable (written by Bogdan/Hamilton)" "Crisis King" "Complete (available on the Japanese version only)"

Size Matters
Released in October 2004 by Interscope.
Produced by Helmet, Charlie Clouser and Jay Baumgardner.
Recorded from March to June 2004 at Cello Studios, Hollywood.
Band Lineup:
Page Hamilton (guitar, vocals); Chris Traynor (guitar); Frank Bello (bass); John Tempesta (drums)
Tracks: 11
"Smart (Hamilton)" "Crashing Foreign Cars (Hamilton/Nichelson/Tempesta/Traynor)" "See You Dead (Hamilton)" "Enemies (Clouser/Hamilton)" "Unwound (Bjorkland/Conlin/Craig/Hamilton/Scheidel)" "Everybody Loves You (Hamilton)" "Surgery (Hamilton)" "Speak and Spell (Clouser/Hamilton)" "Throwing Punches (Clouser/Hamilton)" "Last Breath (Hamilton/Tempesta/Traynor)" "Black Light (Japanese release only)" "Just Like Me (Japanese release only)"

Released in July 2006 by Warcon.
Produced by Helmet and Wharton Tiers.
Recorded in May 2006.
Band Lineup:
Page Hamilton (guitar, vocals); Chris Traynor (guitar, bass); Mike Jost (drums)
Tracks: 11 (all written by Page Hamilton except where noted)
"Swallowing Everything" "Brand New (Hamilton/Jost/Traynor)" "Bury Me" "Monochrome" "On Your Way Down (Hamilton/Jost/Traynor)" "Money Shot" "Gone" "Almost Out of Sight" "Howl" "410" "Goodbye"

Seeing Eye Dog
Released in September 2010 by Work Song Records.
Produced by Page Hamilton.
Recorded in 2009 and 2010.
Band lineup:
Page Hamilton - vocals, guitar; Dan Beeman - guitar; Chris Traynor - bass; Kyle Stevenson - drums
Tracks: 10
"So Long" "Seeing Eye Dog" "Welcome to Algiers" "LA Water" "In Person" "Morphing" "White City" "And Your Bird Can Sing" "Miserable" "She's Lost"

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