Friday, June 29, 2007


I just wanted to take this time to apologize to everyone for the atrocities done in the name of Jesus. I feel like an apology is needed because nobody these days really takes the time to feel sorry for the bad things that have been done by "people of the faith."

I am sorry for the Crusades. I am sorry for the hundreds of thousands of people killed across Europe, Africa and Middle East in Christ's name.

I am sorry for the Spanish Inquisition. I am sorry for the immeasurable number of people tortured and killed because of religious persecution.

I am sorry for the televangelists, who seem to care more for money than they do about spreading the good word of Jesus and more than they spend time helping others. I am sorry that these people are more concerned with lining their pockets than with reaching out to people.

I am sorry for the sexual abuse done against the young men of our country that were unfortunate enough to trust and put their faith in Roman Catholic priests. I am sorry that these men were put in positions of authority and positions of trust by their superiors and ultimately by the Vatican.

I am sorry for the religious right, who has made Christian spirituality and matters of faith a political matter, instead of a faith matter. I am sorry that they think Jesus was a politician. I am sorry that due in large part to the words and actions of the religious right, homosexuals and liberals are the considered the enemy.

I am sorry for the unknown number of bombings, assassinations, armed conflicts, and any other violence conducted in Ireland and Northern Ireland (and everywhere else in the world wherever it may happen) due to religious pressure. I am sorry for the multiple abortion clinics that are bombed and the doctor's that are murdered "in Jesus name."

Along the same lines, I am sorry for the thousands of separations within the Church and the in-fighting that occurs among them.

I am sorry that Christianity is more like a corporation in today's society.

I am sorry for the Christian's today that try to ram their beliefs down your throat and make you feel like less of a person because you don't believe exactly what they believe. I am sorry that these Christian's act more like used car salesmen than they act like Jesus.

I am sorry that the very word "Christian" makes some of you foam at the mouth.

And lastly, I am sorry for those of us that claim to be followers of Christ but do not emulate them the way they should. I am sorry that we are not feeding the poor. I am sorry that we are not healing the sick. I am sorry that we are not caring for those less fortunate than us. I am sorry that we Christians are not being very Christian-like.

I am sorry.

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  1. One point...
    none of us are "Christ-like". We are all humans capable only of falling short of that objective. ie: sin- to fall short of the target.

    The only thing that makes us Christians is that we openly recognize that we are God's creation who's only path to the target is through that belief in Christ. That he died on the cross so that whosoever believes in him shall be forgiven of those short fallings (sins).

    Of course religion falls short of being Godly, look who's running it.

    However that is not a case for not believing nor for not participating in religion or church, merely the way it is.

    We should live our lives as best we can and treat others well because it is the right thing to do, not because of our religion.