Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My How Times Have Changed!

I was listening to this song by MxPx this morning on my way to work and it really got me thinking about how I have changed over the years. I was thinking specifically about my attitude toward computers and technology.

I remember several years ago I used to go off on these anti-comptuer rants about how disgusted I was that computer were becoming so prevalent in society. I used to complain that computers were taking over the world and how people were becoming slaves to technology-we were letting machines control us instead of us controlling the technology. I used to talk about how the events in the Terminator movies are really on their way to happening.

I was especially irritated at how many people had email addresses and how you could see an @whatever.com everywhere and how in some cases, especially in music, you would see an email address stamped on a record (or in this case a compact disc), usually more prevalent than their "snail mail" address and sometimes even in place of it. You could say that I might have even been considered a technophobe.

Now look at me:
I have a cell phone, a blackberry, a computer, an iPod, several e-mail addresses, several webpages (including the one that you are reading this on), and I am a member of several forums and message boards. In addition, I work for one of the largest telecommunications corporations in the world and what do I do? I do tech support on laptop computers! And on top of all that, I met my wife on the internet. LOL!

What am I saying about all of this? Nothing really, just making a simple observation about how certain aspects of my life are totally different than how they once were. I'm not sure why they changed, they just did.

Well that is it, nothing special, just another random rant.

Thanks for listening, er, reading.

I will close now with the lyrics to the actual song that sparked all of this. It is called "Shut It Down". Here they are:

now that i'm awake, i'm never sleeping again
cause i don't wanna miss the life i should be living
so break me off a piece of those candy coated good times
i need a high, i'm serious, it's do or die
whoa, i'm serious it's do or die

shut it down, before we're all out of time
shut it down, this is the end of the line, this is the end of the line

throw away your cell phone you can talk to yourself
you need a real friend not some digital image
so what's it gonna be a chat room or your family
don't let the tv screen turn into your reality
whoa, turn into your reality

i don't wanna die, no i don't wanna die
but i'm having trouble living
i don't wanna die, no i don't wanna die
but i'm not taking what they're giving


  1. Hey Otter,
    one thing doesn't change... our resistance to change.

    I am going to be the last one to get HDTV i'm sure, even though I have seen it and it is better.

    speaking of change, I may be moving to your birthplace in the near future.

  2. Question for you...

    I posted a story on my site which got dave going...

    Is God Allah?


  3. Ok Red, I will post this same response on your blog as well as here.

    "Allah" is NOT, I repeat NOT the same god that I, as a Christian, worship. Nor is he the same god that the Jews worship.

    If one has ever done ANY research into the Islam religion at all, they would know that before the inception of Islam, the Arabian world was highly polytheistic (worshipped many gods for those with a reduced vocabulary). One of the gods that they worshipped was called "Allah." He was their moon god.

    When Mohammed was trying to unify the Arab people, they at first did not want to go along with him because he advocated the worship of only one god. However, when he picked "Allah" the moon god to be the "one" god to worship, they began to go along with him. This is due to the fact that at the time of Mohammed, "Allah" (the moon god) was the most popular god.

    The fact that the symbol for Islam is a crescent MOON helps attest to this fact.

    So, once again, I do not worship Allah. I worship God. Allah is NOT god. Those that say otherwise might as well say Odin is God.

    And there you have it.

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  5. oops sorry i goofed up the above post...
    anyway, i went up to Denver for the weekend and just wanted to say...

    ahhhh, "the beauty of the alpine splendor".