Friday, November 30, 2007

CD of the Moment: The Joshua Tree

In honor of the release of the 20th Anniversary Edition of U2's The Joshua Tree, I thought I'd throw up some interesting information about the album that might not know but probably already do.

Title: The Joshua Tree
Released in March 1997 by Island Records
Recorded from July to November 1986 at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin, Ireland.
Produced by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois.

It has been certified Diamond (10 million +) in the United States and 6 times Platinum in the United Kingdom.
Of the 5 singles released off the album, 4 of them were in the Top 10 Billboard Charts, 2 of those hitting #1.
In 1988, it won 2 Grammy Awards, Album of the Year and Best Rock Performance.
In 1989, it ranked #3 in Rolling Stone magazine's 100 Greatest Albums of the 1980s list and appeared later in that magazines 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, ranking #26 (although I'm not sure why it wasn't ranked higher).
It also was ranked #6 on Contemporary Chrisian Magazine's greatest Christian albums of all time in 2001 (interesting list to be on).

Tracks: 11
Where The Streets Have No Name
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
With or Without You
Bullet the Blue Sky
Running to Stand Still
Red Hill Mining Town
In God's Country
Trip Through Your Wires
One Tree Hill
Mothers of the Disappeared

My favorite tracks on the albums are "In God's Country," "Bullet the Blue Sky" "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," although this in no way are the only good songs on the album. The whole album is amazing.

On November 20, the 20th Anniversary Edition was released. It includes a remastered version of the album itself, as well as a bonus CD and a bonus live DVD.

The bonus CD had 14 tracks:
Luminous Times
Walk to the Water
Spanish Eyes
Deep in the Heart
Silver and Gold
Sweetest Thing
Race Against Time
Where the Streets Have No Name (single edit)
Silver and Gold (Bono w/ Keith Richards and Ron Wood)
Beautiful Ghost
Wave of Sorrow
Desert of Our Love
Rise Up
Drunk Chicken.

The live DVD U2 Live From Paris, was recorded July 4, 1987 and includes 18 songs.
I Will Follow
Trip Through Your Wires
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
The Unforgettable Fire
Sunday Bloody Sunday
In God's Country
The Electric Co
New Year's Day
Bullet the Blue Sky
Running to Stand Still
With or Without You
Party Girl

The live DVD also includes a 40-minute documentary on the Joshua Tree Tour called Outside It's America; An alternate version of the "With Or Without You" video; and a video of "Red Hill Mining Town" directed by Neil Jordan.


  1. Have you gotten the re-issue yet?

  2. naw, i can't afford to buy any CDs right now, especially one that is running around 50 bucks.

  3. I know the feeling, but I might break down and get it anyway. I'm bad about that kind of stuff... My wife tells me that I have no self control. this is probably why I suck with money.