Monday, November 19, 2007

Mike Huckabee on the Issues

I went over to that political site that I frequent ( to see what this Mike Huckabee guy is really all about and this is what I found.

Pro-life but supports choice as law
Opposes public funding of organizations that promote abortion.

Opposes hate crimes legislation.
Supports building more prisons.
Supports the death penalty.

Supports increased federal funding for the War on Drugs.
Supports treatment for drug use rather than incarceration.
Supports stricter penalties for drug-related crimes.

Gun Control
Supports complete gun ownership.

Health Care
Opposes universal health care coverage.
Thinks that it is not the government's responsibility to guarantee medical care.

Believes anti-immigration advocats are racist.
Supports changing the law to disallow immigrants from running for president.
Supports penalization of employers that hire illegals.

Social Security
Supports personalization of retirement accounts.

Tax Reform
Supports the Fair Tax.

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