Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Currently Reading: This Present Darkness

Title: This Present Darkness
Author: Frank E. Peretti

Publisher: Crossway Books
Published: 1986

This is such an awesome book. I'm actually done with it but I'm still soaking in it. I have started on another book but I'm not really far into it and I my thoughts keep returning to this book and thinking (anticipating) reading the sequel.

I have never read any of Peretti's stuff before but now I regret never having read him. He really pulls you into his stuff.

This book is set in a small town, whereabouts unknown but I think it must be somewhere near the East Coast as much as they reference New York City in it (which is odd because I think most of his other work is set in the Pacific Northwest). It centers on two characters, a preacher and a newspaper reporter/editor both new to the town. Between the two of them, they uncover a plot to take over the town by a New Age Eastern mystical occult international group.

It is a great book that I would recommend no matter what your religious preference is (I mention this because the book falls into the Christian thriller genre and have very heavy Christian overtones).

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