Sunday, December 23, 2007

Project 86: DOTM

Project 86
Released June 1998 by BEC.
Recorded in 1998 at Eldorado Studios in Burbank, CA.
Prodcued by Bryan Carlstrom and Project 86.
Andrew Schwab - vocals; Randy Torres - guitar; Stephen Dail - bass; Alex Albert - drums
Tracks: 10
"Spill Me" "Rebuttal" "Pipedream" "Stalemate" "Run" "Independence" "Six Sirens" "Bleed Season" "1 x 7" "When Darkness Reigns"

Drawing Black Lines
Released March 2000 by BEC/Atlantic
Recorded in 2000.
Produced by GGGarth.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 12
"Stein's Theme" "One-Armed Man" "Me Against Me" "PS" "Set Me Up" "Chimes" "A Toast to My Former Self" "Sad Machines" "Star" "Chapter 2" "Open Hand" "Twenty Three"

Truthless Heroes
Released September 2002 by Atlantic.
Recorded at Cello Studios and Grandmaster Recording in Hollywood.
Produced by Matt Hydge.
No personnel changes:
Tracks: 17
"Little Green Men" "Caught In the Middle" "You Know What It Means" "Salem's Suburbs" "A Word From Our Sponsors" "SMC" "Team Black" "Your Heroes Are Dead" "To Brighten Your Day" "Another Boredom Movement" "Bottom Feeder" "Shelter Me Mercy" "And Help You Sleep" "Last Meal" "Soma" "Hollow Again" "With Regards T.H."

Songs To Burn Your Bridges By
Released June 2004 by Tooth and Nail (Technically, it was officially released indpendently in 2003 but they signed to Tooth and Nail who re-released it after remastering it and putting together brand new artwork).
Produced by Aaron Sprinkle and Matt Hyde.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 14
"The Spy Hunter" "Oblivion" "A Shadow On Me" "Safe Haven" "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy" "Breakdown in 3/4" "The Great Golden Gate Disaster" "Breakneck Speed" "Sioux Lane Spirits" "Circuitry" "3 Card" "A Fruitless End Ever" "A Text Message To The So-Called Emperor" "Solace"

And The Rest Will Follow
Released September 2005 by Tooth and Nail.
Produced by Ben Kaplan and GGGarth.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 12
"Sincerely Ichabod" "All Of Me" "Doomsday Stomp" "Something We Can't Be" "Subject to Change" "Necktie Remedy" "My Will Be a Dead Man" "From December" "The Hand, the Furnace, the Straight Face" "And the Rest Will Follow" "Cavity King" "Wordsmith Legacy"

The Kane Mutiny
Released in November 2007 by Tooth and Nail.
Produced by Project 86.
Lineup changes: Alex Albert left and was replaced by Jason Gerken on the drums.
Tracks: 5
"The Kane Mutiny" "Lucretia, My Reflection" "Rte 66" "Something We Can't Be" "From December"

Rival Factions
Released June 2007 by Tooth and Nail.
Recorded at the Bomb Shelter in Los Angeles
Produced by Ulrich Wild.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 10
"Evil" "Put Your Lips to the TV" "The Forces of Radio Have Dropped a Viper into the Rhythm Section" "Molotov" "Slaves to Liberty" "Pull Me Closer, Violent Dancer" "Illuminate" "The Sanctuary Hum" "Caveman Jam" "Normandy"
The additional track "The Kane Mutiny" was made available to the digital download of the album on iTunes.

This Time Of Year
Released in November 2008 by Team Black Recordings.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 5
"This time of Year" "Wrought on this Holidays Eve" "Shiny Skin" "Misfit Toys" "What Child?"

Picket Fence Cartel
Released in July 2009 by Tooth & Nail.
Produced by Project 86 and Ulrich Wild.
Band lineup:
Andrew Schwab - vocals; Randy Torres - guitar; Steve Dail - bass; drummer unknown.
Tracks: 11
"Destroyer" "The Butcher" "The Spectacle of Fearsome Acts" "Dark Angel Dragnet" "Cold and Calculated" "Cement Shoes" "A John Hancock with the Safety Off" "Two Glass Eyes" "Cyclonus" "The Black Brigade" "To Sand We Return"

Live album released in December 2010 by Team Black Recordings.
Tracks: 12
"Sincerely Ichabod" "Safe Haven" "Oblivion" "The Butcher" "Last Meal" "Me vs Me" "SMC" "Illuminate" "Evil (A Chorus of Resistance)" "Destroyer" "Stein's Theme" "The Spy Hunter"

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