Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sounding Off: The Death Penalty

I haven't done one of these in a while but a conversation at work prompted me to think about a topic of one of these that I have not covered yet (or at least I don't think I've covered) - the death penalty.

My feelings on this one are kind of weird so I will attempt to explain them as best I can. I am both for and against the death penalty.

Personally, I do not think it is my right, your right, or the government's right to dictate when a person should or should not die. Personally, I do not think that the death penalty is much the deterrent that so many people think it is. I do not think that taking one person's life to make up for that person taking someone else's life gives the deceased or the deceased's family any justice or any closure. That person is still dead. Killing the person that ended that person's life will not bring him or her back. It might give that family a little sense of revenge but that is about it.


I do believe that a person should take responsibility for their actions. I wholeheartedly agree with Romans 13:2 which says:
"those who refused to obey the laws of the land are refusing to obey God and punishment will follow."
Essentially, I think this verse says that we as Christians (those of us that are that is) are subject to the same laws as everyone else and to disobey those laws would be just like disobeying God and that if you disobey those laws of the land, then you are subject to the punishment for disobeying whatever law is in question.
That being said, currently the penalty for killing another person in cold blood is, in most cases, the death penalty.


Even though I do not think the death penalty is right, I do agree that if you kill someone then you should be subject to whatever penalty is involved. If the law says, if you kill somone, we will kill you back, and you go out and kill someone...oh well, you knew what consequences you might be subject to, so you deserve what you get.

Does that make sense to anyone?


  1. It makes perfect sense to me. You personally do not believe that the death penalty works but since it is part of the law of the land, per the quoted scripture it is okay (or at least should be followed by Christians). I'm sure there is more to it, but I think that is the gist of it. Am I right?

  2. Yeah, that is about right. I don't think it works but because that is how the law is set up, if you kill, you deserve to die because you knew the consequences.

    Now, keep in mind, there are those very very rare cases where the person is authentically.......uhm....well, not in their right mind when they commit the crime. In those cases, I'm not sure where I would fall but I don't worry about that to be honest because those cases where people are genuinely insane are so few and far between.....

    But you are correct, it should be followed by Christians because of that scripture. Now I have no problem with Christians peacefully trying to abolish the death penalty to try and reverse the law but I really don't see any results coming of those efforts so I think they should probably not waste their time and focus their time and energy on...oh I don't know....maybe being Christ-like!

  3. absolutely I agree with ya for the most part Otter.

    Personal responsibility, consequences for actions and a society based on laws.

    So... taking this same philosophy one step further.
    It is against the law (existing current national law) to enter this country illegally (duh) so is it racist or inhumane to enforce the law?

  4. absolutely not. if you enter the country illegally you should suffer the consequences and accept being deported.

  5. Happy New Year Otter !