Saturday, January 12, 2008

2008: It's On! Part One: The New Hampshire primary

So the first primary has come and gone and here is a quick recap of the outcome of the January 8th in the state of New Hampshire.

On the Republican side:

John McCain took 37% of the vote.
Mitt Romney took 31%
Mike Huckabee took 11%
Rudy Giuliani, surprisingly, took only 9%
Fred Thompson, unfortunately, only garnered 1%. (It's not looking good for Fred).

On the Democratic side:

Hillary, not so surprisingly, took 39% of the vote.
Barack Obama took 37%
John Edwards took 17%

The one thing I am curious about regarding New Hampshire is how many registered Democrats are there as compared to how many registered Republicans? Percentages are good, but if there are only 12 Democrats in the state, 39% of the votes doesn't sound so impressive anymore.

Coming soon...........It's One Part Two: The Michigan primary.

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