Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Best of Pearl Jam

I've been listening to the 2nd Pearl Jam CD lately in my car. I found it at a garage sale recently for $2. This is what prompted me to do this list (which I might have even already done once before...oh well).

If I were creating a Best of Pearl Jam CD, this is what would be on it.

Alive (from 1991's Ten)
Jeremy (from 1991's Ten)
Go (from 1993's Vs.)
Animal (from 1993's Vs.)
Daughter (from 1993s Vs.)
Glorified G (from 1993s Vs.)
Spin the Black Circle (from 1994s Vitalogy)
Corduroy (from 1994's Vitalogy)
Better Man (from 1994s Vitalogy)
Rockin in the Free World (from 1998's Live on 2 Legs)
Crazy Mary (from 2007s Live at the Gorge)
Last Kiss (from 2007s Live at the Gorge)
Fortunate Son (from an official bootleg recorded 7/2003 in Mansfield, MA).
The Kids Are Alright (some live import)
Sonic Reducer (same live import)

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