Thursday, February 15, 2007

Descendents/All: DOTM

This discography lists all of the albums released by the band Descendents and ALL (which we all know IS the same band). Along with the listings I will note who the singer was on each album.

Studio Albums:

Ride the Wild (1979 single)

Fat (1981 EP - Milo)

Milo Goes to College (1982 - Milo) -Highlights: "Suburban Home" and "Hope"

I Don't Want to Grow Up (1985 - Milo) - Highlights: "Silly Girl" and "Good Good Things"

Enjoy! (1986 - Milo) -Highlights: "Cheer" "Get the Time" and "Sour Grapes"

All (1987 - Milo) - Highlights: "Coolidge" and "Clean Sheets"

Allroy Sez (1988 - Dave Smalley) - Highlights: "Just Perfect" and "Pretty Little Girl"

Allroy for Prez (1988 EP - Dave) - Highlights: "Skin Deep" and "Wishing Well"

Allroy's Revenge (1989 - Scott Reynolds) - Highlights: "She's My Ex" and "Scary Sad"

Allroy Saves (1990 - Scott) - Highlights: "Simple Things" and "Just Like Them"

Percolator (1992 - Scott)

Breaking Things (1993 - Chad Price) - Highlights: "Original Me" and "Shreen"

Pummel (1995 - Chad) Highlights: "Breaking Up" and "Broken"

Everything Sucks (1996 - Milo) - Highlights: "I'm the One" "She Loves Me" and "We"

Mass Nerder (1998 - Chad) - Highlights: "Think the World" and "Refrain"

Problematic (2000 - Chad) - Highlights: "Better than That" "Carry You" and

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