Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gin Blossoms: DOTM

Released in 1989 by San Jacinto Records.
Recorded Whipping Post Studio in Tucson, AZ in May 1989.
Produced by Rich Hopkins
Doug Hopkins - guitar; Bill Leen - bass; Jesse Valenzuela - vocals; Richard Taylor - guitar; Chris McCann - drums
Tracks: 12
"Lost Horizons" "Cajun Song" "Found Out About You" "Girls Can't Wait" "Something Wrong" "Idiot Summer" "Angels Tonight" "Keli Richards" "Hey Jealousy" "I Can Sleep" "Slave Dealer's Daughter" "Fireworks"

Up and Crumbling
Released in October 1991 by A&M Records.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 5
"Mrs Rita" "Allison Road" "Angels Tonight" "Just South of Nowhere" "Keli Richards"

New Miserable Experience
Released in August 1992 by A&M.
Recorded at Ardent Studio in Memphis.
Produced by Gin Blossoms and John Hampton.
Personnel changes:
Chris McCann was replaced by Phillip Rhodes. Richard Taylor was replaced by Robin Wilson.
Tracks: 12
"Lost Horizons" "Hey Jealousy" "Mrs Rita" "Until I Fall Away" "Hold Me Down" "Cajun Song" "Hands are Tied" "Found Out About You" "Allison Road" "29" "Pieces of the Night" "Cheatin"

Congratulation, I'm Sorry
Released in February 1996 by A&M.
Recorded at Ardent Studios and Vintage Recorders in Phoenix.
Produced by Gin Blossoms and John Hampton.
Personnel changes:
Doug Hopkins committed suicide between albums and was replaced by Scott Johnson.
Tracks: 13
"Day Job" "Highwire" "Follow You Down" "Not Only Numb" "As Long As It Matters" "Perfectly Still" "7th Inning Stretch" "My Car" "Virginia" "White Wash" "I Can't Figure You Out" "Memphis Time" "Competition Smile"

Major Lodge Victory
Released in August 2006 by Hybrid Recordings.
Recorded at Arden Studio.
Produced by John Hampton, Jesse Valenzuela, and Danny Wilde.

Personnel changes:
Phillip Rhodes was replaced by Scott Kusmirek.
Tracks: 12

"Learning the Hard Way" "Come on Hard" "Someday Soon" "Heart Shaped Locket" "End of the World" "Long Time Gone" "Supergirl" "Let's Play Two" "Curious Thing" "Jet Black Surprise" "Fool for the Taking" "California Sun"

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