Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day of Fire: DOTM

This is a short one

Day of Fire
Released in October 2004 by Essential Records.
Produced by Scott Humphrey.
Josh Brown - vocals; Phil X - guitar; Chris Cheney - bass; Gregg Hionis - guitar; Gary Novak - drums.
Tracks: 11
"Through the Fire" "Detainer" "Cornerstone" "Time" "Fade Away" "I Am the Door" "Rain Song" "Adrianne" "Jacob's Dream" "Reap and Sow" "To Fly"

Cut and Move
Released in June 2006 by Essential.
Produced by Peter Thornton.
Personnel changes:
Zach Simms replaced Gary Novak. Chris Pangallo replaced Chris Cheney. Joe Pangallo replaced Phil X.
Tracks: 10
"Love" "Run" "Hole in My Hand" "Cut and Move" "Regret" "For and Gone" "Wake Me" "When the Light" "Frustrating" "Reborn"

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