Thursday, February 07, 2008

John McCain on the Issues

Here is the scoop on the candidate that is probably going to end up getting the Republican nomination.

Supports repealing Roe v Wade.
Supports federal funding of stem cell research.
Supports ban on partial birth abortions.

Civil Rights
Supports Constitutional ban on flag desecration.
Opposes adding sexual orientation to hate crimes legislation.
Opposes constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Supports spendng international development funds on drug control.

Supports school vouchers, charter schools and homeschooling.

Foreign Policy
Supports Cuban embargo.
Opposes expansion of NATO.

Gun Control
Supports prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers.
Opposes background checks at gun shows.

Supports making English official language of US government.
Supports building a fence along Mexican border.
Supports allowing illegals to participate in Social Security.

Social Security
Supports allowing personal retirement accounts.
Supports deducting Social Security payments on income tax.

Tax Reform
Opposes the FairTax.

My biggest problems with this guy, besides his views on drug control of course, are his opposition to the FairTax and his views on Immigration reform.

Although I agree with him, somewhat, on establishing English as the official language, I do not agree that we should allow illegals to participate in Social Security and some of his other views on immigrations, particularly his thoughts on amnesty toward the 12 million illegals already here, really rub me the wrong way.


  1. There is a lot there that I disagree with.

  2. Well let's see where he and I stand.
    I agree with the ban on partial birth abortions.
    I oppose adding sexual orientation to hate crimes legislation. In fact, I oppose hate crimes legislation.
    I support school vouchers, homeschooling and charter schools.
    I oppose the expansion of NATO (and I'll go you one further. Let's just disband it. That AND the United Nations, it's time has passed).
    I support prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers (although I DO support background checks at gun shows).
    I support making English the official language of the US government and building a fence along the Mexican border (I do not, however, support allowing illegals to participate in SS).
    I also support personal retirement accounts and deducting SS payments on income tax.