Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Candidates on Economic Stimulus

This is one of those lesser known issues that you don't hear too much about because it isn't as "controversial" as some other issues but nonetheless it is an important one.

What are the candidates plans for improving the economy in our country?


Establish a $30 billion emergency housing fund, provide a $25 billion in emergency assistance for families facing skyrocketing heating bills, invest $10 billion in extending and broadening unemployment insurance, and accelerate $5 billions in energy efficiency and alternative energy investments to jump-start green-collar job growth.


Pump $75 billion via tax cuts and direct spending targeting to working families, seniors, homeowners and the unemployed, provide an immediate $250 tax cut for workers and their families and a temporary $250 bonus on seniors Social Security checks, and would expand unemployment insurance.


His plan is to lower the corporate tax rate and allow first year deduction of equipment and technology investments and establish a permanent research and development tax credit.

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