Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Candidates on Free Trade

Another not so controversial issue.

What are the candidates stance on free trade?


Voted yes on NAFTA in 1993. Thinks that free trade is something vital to the future of America and has called himself the biggest free marketer and free trader you'll ever see.

Personally, I oppose NAFTA as well.


Believes NAFTA should be changed, claims that outsourcing is a problem and will end the tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs.

I agree that outsourcing has become a huge problem, but I am not so sure I would support penalizing corporations for doing it. Maybe I would oppose them getting bailed out with public money when their corporation goes belly up though.


Wants to amend NAFTA and eliminate tax breaks for companies that move operations overseas and reinvest in communities not benefiting from globalization.

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