Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Candidates on the War in Iraq

Since this is somewhat of an important issue for our time, I thought I would put the positions of this issue up here for the 3 front runners.


As of Jan 2008 she claims that withdrawing troops is dangerous but that there is no military solution. She also claims at the same time that she hopes to have all troops out within a year.

Sounds to me like she is just playing the political game in my opinion.


As of Jan 2008 he states that he wants the troops out by the end of 2009 but also states the Iraq will require US occupation of undetermined length. However, at the same time, he also mentions that he does not want any permanent bases in Iraq.

Again, sounds to me like he either does not know what he wants or is playing to both sides.


Stated in Jan 2008 that any timetable for withdrawal is a white flag of surrender and is okay with staying for 100 years if that is what it takes.

As opposed to the other two, it seems like he is the only candidate that knows what he wants and is okay with saying it rather than playing to both sides.

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