Friday, March 28, 2008

Currently Reading: A Man Called Luther

Title: A Man Called Luther
Author: Kathleen Benson
Publisher: Concordia Publishing
Year: 1980

This might be breaking some sort of copyright laws but I guess I'll risk it. I am going to print here the blurb that is on the back of the book:

"Five centurites have passed since Margaret Luther gave birth to Martin. Yet Martin Luther's effect on the wrld is no less profound today than it was hundreds of years ago.
Yet, who was Martin Luther? What kind of world did he live in? Was he troubled by the same doubts and worries that bother us from time to time?
With A Man Called Martin Luther you'll discover Luther man. You'll find out just how ordinary Martin Luther was...but in many way, with God's help, how extraordinary some of his accomplishments were...
A Man Called Martin Luther provides you with a clear, accurate account of Luther's life and times. You'll explore areas of Luther's life as historic as his posting of the 95 theses...and as ordinary as when little Martin stole the hazelnut.
Finally, you'll understand why this man forever changed the way you look at the world, leaving you with a legacy of a whole new way of thinking about man's relationship with God."

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