Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stryper: DOTM

The Yellow and Black Attack
Originally released in July 1984 by Enigma as an EP; re-released as an LP in 1986.
Produced by Ron Goudie and Stryper.
Michael Sweet - vocals, guitar; Robert Sweet - drums; Tim Gaines - bass, keyboards, vocals; Oz Fox - guitar, vocals.
Tracks: 6 on the EP; 8 on the LP.

Soldiers Under Command
Released in May 1985 by Enigma.
Produced by Michael Wagener.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 10
"Soldiers Under Command" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic"

To Hell With the Devil
Released in October 1986 by Enigma.
Produced by Stephan Galfas and Stryper.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 11
"To Hell With the Devil" "Free" "The Way" "Holding On" and "More Than a Man"

In God We Trust
Released in June 1988 by Enigma.
Produced by Michael Lloyd and Stryper.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 10
"In God We Trust" "I'm Always There For You"

Against the Law
Released in August 1990 by Enigma.
Produced by Tom Werman.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 11
"Not That Kind of Guy" "Shining Star" and "Rock the Hell out of You"

Can't Stop the Rock
Compilation album released in July 1991 by Hollywood Records.
Tracks: 12
New tracks:
"Believe" and "Can't Stop the Rock"

Seven: The Best of Stryper
Compilation album released in March 2003 by Hollywood Records.
Produced by Oz Fox and Michael Sweet.
Tracks: 18
New tracks:
"Something" and "For You"

7 Weeks: Live in America
Live album released in May 2004 by Fifty Three Five Records.
Produced by Michael Sweet.
Tracks: 14

Released in August 2005 by Big 3 Records.
Produced by Kenny Lewis and Michael Sweet.
Personnel changes:
Tim Gaines was replaced by Tracy Ferrie.
Tracks: 11

Extended Versions
Live album released in October 2006 by Sony BMG.
Tracks: 10

The Roxx Regime Demos
Released in July 2007 by Fifty Three Five Records (Previously released as a demo in 1983 under the band's original name Roxx Regime).
Robert Sweet - drums; Michael Sweet - vocals; Scott Lane - guitar; Tim Gaines - bass.
Tracks: 8

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