Thursday, June 05, 2008

White Lion: DOTM

I just read that this band put out a new album this year and it compelled me to do one of these for them.

Fight to Survive
Released in November 1985 by Asylum Records.
Produced by Peter Hauke.
Mike Tramp - vocals; Vito Bratta - guitar; Felix Robinson - bass; Nicki Capozzi - drums.
Tracks: 10
"Broken Heart"

Released in June 1987 by Atlantic Records.
Produced by Michael Wagener.
Personnel changes:
James Lomenzo took over on bass and Greg D'Angelo took over on drums.
Tracks: 10
"Wait" "Tell Me" and "When the Children Cry"

Big Game
Released in August 1989 by Atlantic.
Produced by Michael Wagener.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 11
"Little Fighter" "Cry for Freedom" "Radar Love" and "Goin' Home Tonight"

Mane Attraction
Released in July 1991 by Atlantic.
Produced by Richie Zito.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 12
"Lights and Thunder" "Broken Heart" and "Love Don't Come Easy"

The Best of White Lion
Released in September 1992 by Atlantic.
Produced by Michael Wagener.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 13

Remembering White Lion (aka The Last Roar; aka Ultimate White Lion)
Released in October 1999 by Cleopatra Records.
Personnel changes:
Kaspar Damgaard took over on guitar; Nils Kroyer took over on bass; Bjarne T Holm took over on drums; Dan Hemmer was added on keyboards.
Tracks: 12
This album contains newly recorded versions of other White Lion songs from previous albums.

Anthology 83-89
Released in 2004 by Cleopatra.
Contains demo versions and previously unreleased songs.

Rocking the USA
Live album released in November 2005 by Frontiers Italy.
Personnel changes:
Jamie Law took over on guitar; Claus Langeskof took over on bass; Troy Farrell took over on drums; Hennig Wanner took over on keyboards.
Tracks: 16

The Definitive Rock Collection
2-disc compilation album released in 2007 by Atlantic.
Tracks: 30

Return of the Pride
Released in March 2008 by Frontiers Records.
Produced by White Lion.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 14

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