Thursday, September 11, 2008

Independent Candidate for Prez of the Moment: Chuck Baldwin

These are the positions of Chuck Baldwin, the candidate for the Constitution Party:


Opposes Roe v Wade.


Opposes corporate welfare.


Supports disbanding the Department of Education.
Supports tax relief for homeschooling, private & religious schools.

Foreign Policy:

Supports ending international "meddling of the New World Order."
Opposes U.S. participation in the United Nations.
Supports the end of foreign aid and empire building.

Free Trade:

Opposes U.S. participation in NAFTA.

Gun Control:

Opposes gun control.

Homeland Security:

Opposes the Patriot Act.


Opposes open borders, amnesty and social services for illegals.

Social Security:

Supports phasing out the current system.

Tax Reform:

Supports repealing the 16th Amendment.

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