Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Independent Presidential Candidate of the Moment: Brian Moore

Here is a new column I thought of doing the other day. Not sure how often I will do this. I guess I will just see what kind of response I get to it and see if it is worth the time and effort.

For the first installment I will profile Brian Moore, who is the presidential candidate for the Socialist Party USA party.

Brian Moore on.........


Opposes ALL restrictions on access to abortion.

Budget & Economy:

Supports the transfer of all defense-related spending to social programs.

Civil Rights:

Opposes all affirmative action.
Opposes restrictions on marriage.


Opposes the death penalty.


Supports the decriminalization of drug use and the de-funding of the war on drugs.


Supports public school vouchers.

Free Trade:

Supports the withdraw of the United States from NAFTA and the WTO.

Health Care:

Supports a national health care for all citizens.

Homeland Security:

Supports the closure of all foreign military bases.
Opposes the Patriot Act.


Opposes the militarization of the US/Mexican border.


  1. I agree with most of that stuff.

    I have no opinion on affirmative action.

    I think the educational system is crap, and I think it's that way on purpose. George Carlin was not joking when he described it in one of his last three HBO performances. Come to think of it, Carlin wasn't joking about half the time.

  2. Yeah I agree with most of it as well.

    What did George have to say about education? I must have missed that HBO special....or don't remember his bit about education.

  3. The whole thing is great, but the main part I was referring to comes between about 2:38 - 3:18.


  4. Sorry Otter I read this one too fast... I thought he said he was in favor of militarizing the border... my bad.

    Good candidate for socialists, no doubt.