Thursday, September 25, 2008

Palin on the Issues

Fair is fair. Here is what McCain's VP candidate thinks.

Pro-life, no exceptions.


Civil Rights:
Opposes same-sex partner benefits.
Opposes special hate-crime laws; all heinous crimes are hate-based.

Well, I agree with what she thinks about hate-crime laws.

Strongly supports the dealth penalty.

Supports teacher-led prayer in public schools.
Supports teaching intelligence design in public schools.

I am opposed to teacher-led prayer. However, I do agree to a certain extent that teaching intelligent design should be allowed but should be left up to the individual teacher or school or school district, not a federal mandated curriculum.

Government Reform:
Supports campaign donations from Unions with member approval.

Gun Control:
Lifelong NRA member. Nuff said.

Health Care:
Supports market and business-driven health care.
Supports making care more affordable via competition.

Homeland Security:
Has said that the armed forces gives us security and freedom.

Still no response from anybody to the question. How? How does the military GIVE us freedom? The answer, in case, anybody else wants that answer is, it doesn't.

War in Iraq/Military:
Supports the mission of our troops in Iraq.
Has said that keeping our troops in Iraq keeps us safe at home.

Another war-monger. And how in the heck are we safe in this country when our military is somewhere else? How?

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