Friday, September 26, 2008

September 26 Presidential Debate

So here is my two cents on tonight's Presidential debate:

Okay, tonight dealt specifically with foreign policy. So while John McCain has a lot more experience and knowledge in this field just based simply off of time in politics I do not think this experience and knowledge makes him better at it.

And although he obviously did show that he is more knowledgeable in the area of foreign affairs, I think he (McCain) came off as impersonal and his ideas quite simply are outdated. He is, to me, a typical war monger whose ideas will only lead to continued wasteful spending in the defense budget. Which of course will only lead to a higher federal deficit.

Obama pointed out several times that American is not looked upon by the rest of the world the same way it has in the past. This is directly related to the bully attitude with which we have commanded the rest of the world since the 1940s.

If we continue at the same pace we are going with foreign affairs we will be in a very poor position, diplomacy-wise, to deal with any international affairs in the years to come. This is why I do not think McCain will make a good President. To me he symbolizes the status quo, especially in the area of foreign relations and defense spending. And for those of us that are not following me, the status quo is NOT a good thing.

On another point, the one that really disappointed me about the debate is that they did not allow any third party candidates. Oh well, maybe one of these days it could happen.

Many analysts have stated that the debate was a draw.

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