Saturday, October 04, 2008

Andrew Rice on the Issues

These are the political positions of the person running against incumbent Jim Inhofe for the U.S. Senate seat in Oklahoma:

Gun Control
Believes gun ownership is a constitutional right guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment and goes beyond the rights of states to form militias.
He is a member of the National Rifle Association.
Has stated that he will NOT vote to restrict the right to own and use firearms.

Believes that expanding the number of people able to pursue higher education is critical to encourage business development and economic growth.
Supports expanding funding for Career Techs and Trade Schools to offer students an opportunity to learn marketable skills.
Supports reducing class size and improving the professional development of teachers.

Health Care
Access to quality health care for every American is a great moral issue of our time.

Supports the redeployment of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan.
Supports increasing the size of the Army and Marine Corps by improving recruitment and retention and rewarding military service.

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