Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dave Reichert On the Issues

Here are some of the political positions of the incumbent candidate for Washington's 8th Congressional District:


Supports expansion of embryonic stem cell research.

He supports stem cell research as of Jan 2007 but opposed it in May 2005

Civil Rights

Supports Constitutional amendment defining marriage as one man one woman.
Supports making the Patriot Act permanent.

Not with him on these


Opposes stockholder voting on executive compensation.

Don't agree with him on this either

Energy & Oil

Supports tax incentives for renewable energy.......
(but at the same time opposes tax incentives for conservation..huh? I'm lost here.)
Supports investing in homegrown biofuel.
Supports criminalizing OPEC...........

Foreign Policy

Opposes restricting United States funding of the UN.

Free Trade

Opposes assisting workers who lose jobs due to globalization. i.e. you get laid off because your company decided to hire cheaper workers are out of luck.

Gun Control

Supports prohibiting lawsuits again gun manufacturers.

Here is something we agree on


Opposes restricting employer interference in union organizing.

Yup, back to disagreeing with him.


Supports investigating Bush impeachment for lying about Iraq. a Republican?

Welfare & Poverty

Supports providing funding for Section 8 Housing.

Oh wow, how socialist and anti-Republican of him.

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