Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sounding Off: The "Other" Proposition 1

Here is a summary and some arguments regarding the "other" proposition one, which concerns the mass transit system.

It provides for 36 miles of new light rail, frequent trains that will run east to Bellevue and Microsoft, North to Lynnwood and Northgade, and South to Federal Way.


It is Fast:
It can serve about 1 million people every day, improving congestion by 30%.
Rail lines dont' get stuck in traffic.

It is Affordable:
It costs the average person just $69/year.
It is a modest sales tax increase of only 0.5% and the taxes rollback after projects are complete.

It is Green:
Light rail reduces carbon emissions.
It is endorsed by the Sierra Club.
Replaces car trips in congested corridors, cut emissions and prevents wasteful idling.


It does not reduce congestion.
The FACT is it does reduce congestion. Light rail has the capacity to carry over 1 million people - taking cars off the road and reducing congestion by over 30%.

It costs too much.
The FACT is, like mentioned above, it cost an average of $69 per YEAR.

It does not do enough now.
The FACT is, it provides immediate relief. The service will be increased by 17% across the board and up to 30% on high-ridership routers. Sounder trains will be more frequent and have higher capacity, expanding service by 65%.

The taxes will never end.
The FACT is, the sales taxes will roll-back after project construction is completed. Further extensions on the project would require voter approval.

No one will ride light rail.
The FACT is, it has the capacity to carry 1 millioin per day. It will run in corridors where demand is highest, congestion is the worst and growing, and where buses face the biggest challenges in moving passengers quickly and reliably.

The light rial takes too long to build.
The FACT is, it will connect Bellevue and Northgate to Seattel by 2020.


  1. That's bull. Those are the numbers they show but we've learned that we can't trust "Sound (run up a huge bill) Transit." Look at the proposed versus actual cost numbers for any of the other rail projects that have been done and you find that it's a lot of hype with no substance. They can't get it done that cheap.

  2. Nothing worth having is going to be cheap.

    Don't you think the value of having this type of mass transit system outweighs the costs invovled?