Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Problem With Election 2008

Here is what I think is the problem with the current election season. It is, however, a problem that seems to affect every election campaign though so it's not like this is anything new. I just want to point out it out because the blogosphere has become a prime suspect in the problem.

There is not enough talk about the issues. There are not enough people talking about their candidates and why they support them. There is too much talk about the "other" candidate and attempts to smear their name.

There is no I support "this" guy because of "these" policies of his.

There is too much "this" guy is scum because.......

Like I said, it is nothing new; it has been done for years. Presidential campaigns are less about the issues than they are about smearing the opponent’s public image.

My personal thoughts on the 2008 election?

I don't care if Obama is a Muslim. That is an issue between him and God. It does not affect me.

I don't care if McCain's running mate fired someone because he would not fire somebody for her. That is an issue between her, the guy she fired, and the courts in her state. Again, does not affect me.

I don't care if Obama is friends with some guy that 20+ years ago was a radical protester that performed a few criminal acts. It really would not surprise me if McCain was friends with someone that might have bombed an abortion clinic 20 years ago. I don't know that for a fact, but it could be true. But again, I don't care. It does not affect me.

I don't care if McCain, while he was a prisoner of war, broke down and confessed to some imaginable crime. He probably feels pretty badly about it now but it isn't something we need to be attacking the man about. He did it. It happened 20+ years ago. It should not be an issue.

I don't care if Obama is tied somehow to ACORN (which seems to be a hot topic lately). The organization hires people that are unethical. I don't blame the organization that much, ALL organizations and companies and corporations hire unethical people. It happens. And I certainly don't blame Obama for being tied to them. He has nothing to do with what some guy that works in North Dakota trying to register voters is doing. I am sick of hearing about ACORN. The next time I see the word I am going to throw an acorn AT somebody! LOL!

What should be an issue is the issue. What do these two men stand for? What is their plan for changing American for the better? Do they care about you, the little people, or are they more concerned with helping out the wealthy? Are they concerned about the environment and our dependence on foreign oil or are they more concerned with keeping the car manufacturers and oil companies happy?

What are they about? That should be what concerns you and me. Not their flaws. They are men (and women). They are human. They make mistakes, just like you or me. They are not perfect. Get over it.

So when you go to your polling place in a few weeks, try to think about what issues concern you and who stands on the same side of the fence as you and let that determine who you will vote for.

End the smearing! Let's talk about the issues!

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