Monday, October 27, 2008

Quote About The Hidden Agenda

This is a quote from Andrew Schwab, vocalist for hardcore band Project 86 and staff writer for RELEVANT magazine.

I found the quote in an article he wrote here:
"...Christians always seem to have a hidden agenda...the world views many of us as frauds, as shallow, as inauthentic....we are not sermonize or attempt to convert every single person we meet. We aren't commanded to make a shallow pitch, a clever presentation, or a witty speech. Nor are we meant to be proud bearers of bumper-sticker christianity complete with tactless t-shirts...God doesn't want one likes salesmen....

...we are called to love.....genuine relationship can only take place when the motive behind our actions is love....

....people will gravitate toward what we have hidden inside of us, and we will not need to plot or manipulate.

....those who are affected by us will be affected profoundly. That is faith without an agenda."
He is so right. Those of us that follow the teachings of Christ and try to follow his example need to realize that Christianity should not be run like a business and that we, like Andrew stated, should not be acting like God's salesmen. We should not be motivated by trying to SELL Christ to others or by how many people we can convert. We should not be trying to SELL others our beliefs.

We need to be living examples of his teachings. And to me, this includes showing compassion toward others (which I have to admit, I do still need a lot of work on) and caring about social issues like (as Cameron Strange mentioned - see post below) "poverty, preventable diseases, unnecessary wars", etc...

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