Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sounding Off: Seattle Proposition One

For those that don't know much about this proposition and aren't sure which way they are going to vote on it, I thought I would post a few tidbits about it to help you along:

The Proposition concerns increased property taxes for 6 years for Pike Place Market.
It would fund seismic, safety, energy-saving, and other basic improvements at the publicly-owned Pike Place Market and would authorize regular property taxes higher than current limits.
It limits the use of the taxes raised to projects identified in an agreement made between the City and the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority.

Pike Place Market is an unique Seattle icon. Nearly 10 million people visit it every year. Time, weather, earthquakes, and increased use have taken a toll on the dozen public-owned building that comprise the Market. It has not been renovated since the 1970s.

A yes vote raises property taxes for 6 years and removes the property tax limitation previously enacted into law to protect citizens from over taxation.
A yes vote shifts the costs of Market renovations onto property taxpayers. Why do taxpayers have to fund the improvements when the tenants pay rent and the market has over 10 million potential customers visting every year. Other shopping center owners must maintain his property w/o taxpayer help.

Personally, I will not be voting yes or no for it. I don't even think it is on my ballot. I am not in the correct voting district for it. However, even if it were on the ballot I would probably leave it blank and here is why. I do not own property. I don't feel like my vote should affect people that do one way or another. However, if I did own property, I would vote for it. The increase is only for 6 years and goes toward a good cause. Sure, other property owners have to maintain their own property but from what I understand, isn't Pike Place market owned by the city?

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