Monday, October 27, 2008

Washington State Senator Elections

Election Day is less than 2 weeks away and if you have not noticed already there ARE elections going on other then the Presidential Election. 

In particular we here in Washington State are having quite a few state legislature seats up for grabs. Here is a list of some of the Wasington State Senators that are running for re-election and who their opposition is.

First District
Rosemary McAulifee (Democrat). Her challenger is Republican Dennis Richter.

Fifth District
Cheryl Pflug (Republican). Her challenger is Democrat Phyllis Huster.

Tenth District
Mary Margaret Haugen (D). Her challenger is Republican Linda Haddon.

Eleventh District
Margarita Prentice (D). Her challenger is Democrat Juan Martinez.

Twenty-Second District
Karen Fraser (D). Her challenger is Democrat Erik Lee.

Twenty-Fifth District
Jim Kastama (D). His challenger is Republican Michelle Smith.

Twenty-Seventh District
Debbie Regala (D). Her challenger is Republican Larry Faulk.

Twenty-Eight District
Mike Carrell (R). His challenger is Democrat Debi Srail.

Thirty-Fourth District
Joe McDermott (D). Running unopposed.

Thirty-Ninth District
Val Stevens (R). Her challenger is Democrat Fred Walser.

Forty-First District
Brian Weinstein D). His challenger is Republican Bob Baker.

If you do not see your own district on here, you can find out who is incumbent and who they are running against (as well as a lot of other great election information) at the
website for the Secretary of State for Washington.


  1. I am in the 39th District. Fred Walser is a convicted criminal, sentenced to a year in jail last June for lying to a public servant. He was hoping to win election due to the ignorance of the public about his conviction -- we don't get much press coverage in the 39th.

    Even if I were not a Republican, I would not vote for Fred Walser. He does not deserve our trust, and won't get it.

  2. With that kind of record, I am a little surprise that he even got this far in the election.

    Any thoughts on why?

  3. He was the only Democrat running. He was not convicted (via a guilty plea) until the very same week of filing for office, so there wasn't much chance for anyone else.

    He hoped most voters wouldn't find out about his record. But he lost the primary by almost 20 percentage points, no doubt due in part to his record.

    The Democrats have dumped well over $75K into his campaign. That's the confusing part.

  4. Very interesting.

    Sad to say I have done little research on this election due to not having to vote on this one.

    Good to know there is someone up there in your neck of the woods keeping track of these things.