Friday, October 24, 2008

What Happened to Immigration Reform?

Has anyone else noticed that none of the candidates seem to be spending any time talking about their thoughts on immigration reform?

Is this issue not that important anymore? I think the economic issue has probably just overshadowed it. Personally, a candidate's stance on immigration reform is not going to "make or break" my support of anyone. However, even though the economy is the important issue of the time right now, it is only a matter of time before people start talking about immigration again.

Just an observation. Something to keep in mind.

I put down some of my thoughts on the issue here if you are interested in reading them.


  1. A lot of us notice it otter... wasn't a question in the final debates... and considering what a hot issue it was... it is a perfect example of the news media driving the agenda they want.. in the case of ILLEGAL immigration they simply don't report it unless forced to.

    Illegal immigration is a significant part of the current financial crisis.. over 30% of those failed Fanny/Freddie loans were to ILLEGALS.

  2. Even if this is true, and I have to admit that the number sounds a bit high, you seem to be getting things backward, Red.

    The loans are given by the loan agencies. Those agencies make the decisions. You're placing blame on illegals, which makes no sense.

  3. Actually I'm placing the blame on our governments lack of enforcing immigration laws in the first place... but it's a fact that around 30% of those failed loans which were pushed on banks by democrats like Chris Dodd, Barack Obama and Barney Frank through programs that failed like Fanny/Freddie were to illegals that simply bailed.

    Of course enforcing our laws would make no sense to you... psshaw.

  4. Of course.

    That is, of course you can't just admit that my point is on target, you instead have to try to turn it around and pretend I'm somehow wrong.

    Stop being so partisan. You and I actually believe a lot of the same things, I assure you.

    The 2nd Amendment happens to be one of them.

    Yet in my support for that, you don't seem to question my understanding of enforcement, eh?