Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bigger Skyline for Oklahoma City

Thanks to Brad Neese.

It appears that the downtown area in Oklahoma City could be getting a facelift.

On the one hand, I say, it is about time. That downtown area has always looked too small.

But on the other hand I ask, what is the point? Why construct a new building? Do they need this office space? Are they going to hire more people because of this office space?  Obviously it will create jobs in the construction but what about afterwards?

Just curious as to what their intentions are.

Anyone know?


  1. The point is two-fold, as I understand it:

    1) Devon is currently spread out in several different buildings downtown and elsewhere. This building will help consolidate their headquarters workforce into one building, which has obvious advantages.

    2) Devon wants to invest in downtown Oklahoma City and its future. What better way to showcase OKC's growth and emergence as a "Big League City" than with a world-class skyscraper that will be iconic for this city's image.

  2. Ah, consolidation. That does make a lot more sense.

    Where is the money coming from? They aren't proposing the public pay for it are they?