Monday, November 17, 2008

Catholics For Obama?!?

Catholics For Obama? Really? I thought they all hated him. Interesting.

This is a group that has said "voting on the basis of only one issue runs afoul of the faith" and that "criminalizing the procedure is less effective in reducing abortions than addressing the social circumstances that lead women to seek them."

Amen to that! I am glad someone else is finally saying it!

Here is a quote from their website:
"Before he was a devoted husband and father, or U.S. Senator.....[he] took a job working as a community organizer for a group of 8 Catholic parishes in [Chicago]. With funding from the U.S. Bishops and working for 3 years out of an office in a Catholic church rectory, he embarked on a campaign to empower the lives of thousands of people who were suffering through economic circumstances...." -- Victoria Reggie Kennedy
I have said it before, there are things out there in politics that are more important than where you stand on the abortion issue. Not to belittle it. Abortion is a serious matter. But there are things going on in the world today that HAVE to take precedence to things like this.

And the idea that a person can be "pro-life" and still be against decriminalizing it is no surprise to me. I have often said that criminalizing something does not stop something.

Here is a way some of your pro-lifers might understand it. Let's take the gun control issue. You are against gun control laws. You say it does not matter if we outlaw guns, criminals will still have them. Case in point. If you make abortions illegal, people are still going to get abortions. It is that simple.

Chew on that for a while.

Point being, not all religious groups hate Obama.

Keep in mind, I did not vote for the man, nor did I vote for his main opponent. I did not care for either of them. But he is our President-elect now and I am willing for fore go what I did not like about him and give him the benefit of the doubt that he will bring some much needed change to the system. Not too optimistic about it, but it could happen. Only time will tell.

That is it for now. Thanks for reading.


  1. "criminalizing the procedure is less effective in reducing abortions than addressing the social circumstances that lead women to seek them."

    We should apply that same standard to all murders then....

    criminalizing the act of murder is less effective than addressing the social circumstances that lead men and women to seek them... ?

    In what world?

  2. well, capital punishment has proven to be non-effective.....

    and yes, we DO need to address the social circumstances that lead men and women to murder others.

  3. Red – Why is it that so many of your comments on different blogs lately come back to the issue if abortion? In this case it is a response to something in the original post, but there have been numerous times when you have brought up the subject in response to a post on my blog that has nothing to do with abortion. I’m not criticizing, I’m just asking.

  4. Perhaps that is where his priorities lie.

    And while I respect his opinion on the subject and respect his right to have those opinions and that this issue is so important to isn't that important to me.

    And I make NO apologies for that.

  5. But of course, that was not the whole point I was trying to make with this blog.

    The point was that a very strong religious group was able to cast aside its position on ONE particular issue and look at the the candidate's policies on a broader stream and determine who THEY thought would be better for our country in the long run.

  6. Sadly, people often miss the bigger picture.

  7. amen to that brother!