Friday, November 21, 2008

The Batman Report Card: Confessions Part Two

This is a report card (of sorts) for the Batman movies.

Kind of dark but not too dark. Keaton did not really do it for me as Bruce Wayne but as Batman he was tolerable. Jack Nicholson did a good job as the Joker with the script he was given. For me, the Joker character in this movie was less like the comic book Joker and more like the Cesar Romero TV series Joker. The guy playing Commissioner Gordon definitely did not work for me. However, the story was good so that is why it got a B+.

Keaton was back for this one and he was actually less believable as Batman this time around. The Penguin origin story was an interesting addition. DeVito did an okay job but they probably could have cast that role better. Same with the Catwoman character. The origin story was kind of cool but they could have cast the part better. Walken in the movie did not belong.

I am not a big fan of this one. The casting was the biggest problem to me, closely followed by the writing. Every character in this film was cast poorly. Instead of turning the director's chair over to Joel S, the producers should have just closed up shop.

Joe's second chance as director. Fortunately, his last chance. The writing was horrible. Giving Robin a more prominent role in this movie was a bad idea. Putting Batgirl in the movie at all was a bad idea. Too many villains all at once in this movie was a bad idea. Casting Arnold as Mr Freeze was a really bad idea. However, I did think that Clooney did a good job at Bruce Wayne and definitely could have done a better job and have had a decent future at the Batman character had he been given a better script to work with.

I liked the story. How they brought Joker into the movie was interesting. Not including Robin in the story was a good idea. It would not have worked had they put him in this early in the story. The origin flashbacks were really cool.

Greatest movie ever. Not just greatest super hero movie. Greatest movie. The best portrayal of Batman ever. Best casting job of ANY super hero flick I have ever seen. Possible the ONLY bad thing I can even think of to say about this film was that Batman does not kill people and in this movie he took out Ra's Al Ghul.

Another great one. Finally! Someone gets the writing of the Joker character right! And Ledger did an AMAZING job in that role (R.I.P. Heath). Casting again was great. Why not an A+ like the first one though you ask? I had one tiny little miniscule beef with this movie and that was the bringing in (and killing) of the Two Face character too early in this franchise. Otherwise, a great film.

Any thoughts? Comments?


  1. I agree with you for the most part except for Batman and Robin, that movie made me cry... it gets an F. Here's why: Bane. They took the character that broke the bat and turned him into Poison Ivy's henchman... that takes it from a D+ to an F for me.

  2. I would give the Burton/Keaton Batman an A. It is a great movie, plus it completely changed how the majority of people (i.e. non-comic book folks) saw Batman. Prior to this film, popular culture only knew the Adam West version of the Dark Knight. The point of this film was to bring Batman back to his Bob Kane origins and in that it succeeded greatly IMHO.

  3. Yeah I was not at all impressed with their portrayal of Bane either. The movie got a D instead of an F because of Clooney's portrayal of Batman.

  4. I agree with you for the most part Dave. This movie definitely did wonders for the public's perception of Batman. It didn't make an A because I did not like the casting job on the Bruce Wayne/Batman role in general.