Friday, November 21, 2008

Confessions of a Comic Book Geek

Against my better judgment, last night I popped in a DVD of the movie Daredevil.

Yes, I have watched it before.

Yes, I actually own the DVD.

No, I don't know why I own it.

No, I don't really like it.

No, I don't know why I was watching it again.

The point being, as I was watching it last night (did not finish it, got more interested in watching the Daily Show when it came on instead) and realized another problem with the movie.

Yes another. This movie had many problems.

First and foremost, the casting was terrible!

Ben Affleck. I like some stuff he has been in. Dogma. Good Will Hunting. Jersey Girl. Chasing Amy, etc... He is NOT the comic book hero type.

Michael Clark Duncan did not make a good Kingpin.

Jennifer Garner was not a great choice for Elektra, nor was Colin Farrell for Bullseye.

So all around, the casting job was awful.

Anyway, back to my point. As I was watching it last night, I realized another big mistake in the story. Daredevil does NOT kill people.

Does he? I have to admit in the area of Daredevil my comic book geekness is not as strong but what I have read about him is that he won't kill someone. Maybe I am wrong.

So that thinking was a catalyst for other reflections about comic book movies.

I have noticed that if a comic book movie comes out, I HAVE to watch it! In fact, it does not even matter if I actually read, or have ever read the comic book that it is based on or not.

For example. Hell Boy. Never read the comic book. Never wanted to read the comic book. Watched the movie. Did not like it.

Another example. Ghost Rider. Never really read the book. Knew who he was. He showed up in some of the other books I have read but never bothered reading his own. Anyway, saw the movie. Was not that impressed.

Yes another example. Fantastic Four. Was never a big fan of the book. Read it a couple of times maybe. However, I was a big fan of Doctor Doom. Read a lot of other stuff he showed up in. Anyway, saw the first one. Hated it. Did not like the way they wrote Doom's character. Watched the 2nd one against better judgment because I wanted to see the Silver Surfer. Surfer was cool. Rest of the movie sucked.

On the other side of this equation there is Batman. I love Batman. I have always been a huge fan of his stuff. I could not imagine how many Batman comics I have read. I watched the TV show when I was little. I have seen all of the Tim Burton/Joel whats his face movies. I have seen both the Chris Nolan movies. I have seen Mask of the Phantasm and on occasion used to watch the animated series. I have not, however, got around to watching any of the Batman Beyond shows.

Anyway, I really liked those movies. The first franchise was good for what it was. I am, however, excluding the last two. Val Kilmer was not a good casting choice for the lead role. He is a great acting but a bad choice for this one. And I don't care what anyone else says. I liked George Clooney in the Bruce Wayne/Batman role. I did not, however, like the movie he was in. It has a terrible script and I thought they tried to make it too campy. I really like the Nolan series better though. In fact, Batman Begins to this day still remains my all-time favorite movie.

Another example is Spider-Man. I was always a big fan of the comics. Used to watch the cartoons AND the television show as a kid. I have seen all of the Raimi movies. I even watch the new cartoon with the kids on Saturday mornings. The third movie was not good. Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom? Terrible idea.

Yet another example is The Hulk. Again, big fan of the Hulk growing up. Loved the comic books, especially the Peter David stuff. Loved the cartoons growing up. Loved the television show with Bill Bixby. I even liked the Ang Lee movie even though it had its issues. The new Hulk with Edward Norton is an awesome movie!

Another example is The Punisher. He along with Batman is probably my favorite comic book character. I have read more Punisher comics than I care to admit...course, I guess I am admitting it now. LOL! I have seen the Dolph Lundgren movie. Okay that one was crap. I have seen (and own on DVD) the Thomas Jane one that came out in 2004. I liked it although it had a couple of issues. I am looking forward to seeing this new Ray Stevenson one although I am sure that I will not see it until it comes on DVD.

As for the Superman movies, I liked these too. With the exception, however, of the 4th one. The one with the nuclear guy. That one was stupid. I even liked the 3rd one with Richard Pryor. I was never a huge reader of the Superman comics although I did read them quite frequently. I really liked the newest on with Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. I thought he did an amazing job in that role. The only beef I really had with that movie is the casting choice for Lois Lane. I did not like her one bit.

The X-Men movies. They were good. I used to read a lot of X-Men. My favorite storyline has always been the Age of Apocalypse. I don't ever see them doing a movie based on that one. Not commercial enough.

Iron Man. Great movie! Downey in the lead role did a really good job. Terrence Howard did an great job!, not so impressed. Iron Man was one of those comics that I read every so often but never really got too involved in it. The "Ultimate" version of Iron Man is really lame.

So what else?

Captain America movie? It sucked!

There was even a movie about Nick Fury with David Hasselhoff in that role. It was really lame.

Anyway, that is all I really have to say on the subject right now. I will probably continue this discussion in another post at a later time.

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