Sunday, November 23, 2008

Haste the Day: Discography of the Moment

I haven't done one of these in a long time so I figured I would do one of these since this band just recently released a new CD.

That They May Know You
Released independently in 2002.
Recorded by Tim Bushong
Band lineup:
Jimmy Ryan - vocals
Jason Barnes - guitar
Brennan Chaulk - guitar
Mike Murphy - bass
Devin Chaulk - drums
Tracks: 7
"Many Waters" "Substance" "As Lambs" "Who We Are" "Epitaph" "The Dry Season" and "Autumn"

Burning Bridges
Released in March 2004 by Solid State Records.
Produced by Barry Poynter.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 12
"Blue 42" "The Closest Thing to Closure" "American Love" "Concerning the Way it Was" "Song of Faith" "Ros King" "One Life to Live" "The Last Goodbye" "An Honest Confession" "Substance" "Breaking My Own Heart" and "Outro"

When Everything Falls
Released in June 2005 by Solid State.
Produced by Garth Richardson.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 12
"Fallen" "The Perfect Night" "Walk On" "When Everything Falls" "If I Could See" "Walls and Fear" "For a Lifetime" "This Time It's Real" "Bleed Alone" "InstruMETAL" "All I Have" and "Long Way Down"

Pressure the Hinges
Released in March 2007 by Solid State.
Produced by Garth Richardson.
Lineup changes:
Jimmy Ryan left and was replaced by Stephen Keech.
Jason Barnes also left but was not replaced.
Tracks: 13
"Eye of the Needle" "Pressure the Hinges" "The Minor Prophets" "The Oracle" "White Collar" "Needles" "Janet's Planet" "Servant Ties" "Stitches" "Vertigo" "Akeldema" "Eremus" and "Chorus of Angels"

Released in October 2008 by Solid State.
Produced by Andreas Lars Magnusson.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 11
"68" "Mad Man" "Haunting" "Resolve" "An Adult Tree" "Babylon" "Invoke Reform" "Sons of the Fallen Nation" "Labyrinth" "Porcelain" and "Autumn"


This is album released by the band Trenches which is a band fronted by former HTD vocalist Jimmy Ryan.

The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole
Released in September 2008 by Solid State.
Band lineup:
Jimmy Ryan
Joel Lauver
Phil Hook
Eli Larch Chastain
Bill Scott
Tracks: 10
"Calling" "Eyes Open" "Sacrament" "Trip the Landmine" "Pathways" "Bittersweet" "Call it Correct" "End" "Ocean Currents" and "Cornered"

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