Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Final Votes in Washington...Finally!

As of November 17, we finally have 100% of the votes turned in here in Washington,

On I-985, which wanted to open up HOV lanes to reduce traffic congestion, 60.14% of the voters voted against it.

On I-1000, the death with dignity law, it was supported by 55.77% of the voters.

72.46% of the voters passed I-1029, the initiative regarding long-term care services.

Here are the final results of the Presidential Election:
Obama - 57.44%
McCain - 40.69%
Nader - 0.97% Sad, not even a full percentage point
The other independent candidates took up the rest of the 100% of the votes.

In my Congressional District, District 1:
Jay Inslee took 67.74% of the vote against Larry Ishmael.

For Governor, Gregoire took 53.11% against Dino Rossi.

For the other elections, if you are interested you can view them here.

In regards to voter turnout, out of 3.6 million registered voters, 3.0 million of them actually bothered to vote, accounting for an 82.69% of registered voters.

In Snohomish County, out of 372,636 registered voters, 323,045 of them voted, sounding off at 86.69%.

King County did not do as well. There are 1.1 million registered voters there and only 80.14% voted (888,010).

The highest voter turnout in the state belongs to Jefferson county (the Port Townsend area) at 90.68%.

The lowest goes to Walla Walla county at 75.60%.

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