Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gas In My Neck of the Woods

So up here in the Puget Sound area where I live, gas is still above $2 a gallon.

I usually buy my gas at the cheapest place in town, which is AM/PM.  Earlier tonight, I drove by one of the cheaper locations of theirs and the cheap gas was sitting at $2.19/gallon.

How much is gas in YOUR neck of the woods?


  1. 'bout $1.87 for regular unleaded... but looking at this map of your area... can find gas under two bucks in Kent, Renton, Cascade Fairwood, you just gotta get out of Seattle it looks like... it's coming.

    You gotta admit there's a big difference between $4 and what we are paying now... by my estimation as much as $75 or $80 a week difference if you have two cars.

  2. $1.699 at the QT on 21st and Harvard in Tulsa. :)

  3. Oh I totally agree Red, it is waay better than it have been in months.

    The gas prices now here in my area are the lowest they have been since we moved back in June.

    Those maps are not the greatest Red. Driving to Kent, Renton, get gas would not save me any money. They are too far away from where I live for it to make an impact.

    I only have one car now. We got rid of our second car before we left Oklahoma. No real need for two cars right now anyway. Jesi can't drive. Did I tell you that her cancer came back about a month ago? Anyway, she is on narcotics and is now allowed to drive. So need for a second card right now.

    Where are you buying your gas at Red where you can get it for $1.87? By the way, are you back in Oklahoma? I thought you had moved back to Colorado?

  4. I filled up yesterday for $1.68 a gallon. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice.